Emperor Wilhelm’s

Imperial vacation

Emperor Wilhelm’s Station is a monument of Old Nordic architecture and is a harmonious combination of ancient history and modernity. Its doors are open to all guests who want to relax in the pavilion erected in honour of the last Emperor of the Hohenzolern dynasty. The pavilion, which has been renovated with a great deal of attention to history, has retained 90% of its original facade and fragments of old tiles.

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Cesarskie Mazury

W obecnych czasach, ucieczka na Mazury wydaje się nie tylko rozwiązaniem romantycznym, ale przede wszystkim rozsądnym. Zapraszamy do naszych pokoi gdzie będziecie mogli odpoczywać tylko we własnym gronie. A czas spędzony w naturze na pewno każdemu z nas wyjdzie na zdrowie. Zapraszamy!

hotel warmia mazury
hotel warmia mazury
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The Imperial Easter

To spend Easter in a remarkable way? Why not. For all those tired of being entertained in the crowd – Easter at the Emperor Wilhelm II Station is a unique opportunity for a truly royal holiday.

Relaxation and rest

May weekend at Wilhelm’s

We do not know how Emperor Wilhelm spent his May weekends, but we know that he loved both splendor and nature. A May weekend at the Imperial Station is an opportunity for luxurious regeneration in an intimate spa, after which you can enjoy many opportunities for active recreation – a hike to the peat bog, a trip on one of our boats or a walk in the historic beech park.

hotel warmia mazury

Imperial luxury & leisure

Wypoczynek w cesarskich progach to niepowtarzalna okazja do spotkania
z atmosferą minionych czasów i dawną pruską świetnością.

However, anyone who crosses the doors of Emperor Wilhelm’s Station will feel at ease and comfortable here, because the renovated interiors are not lacking in contemporary accents either. The picturesque landscapes around the station – a landscape park, peat bog and hills stretching for miles – are ideal for long walks and relaxing in nature.

Sauna with a view

Regular use of the sauna ensures beautiful skin and effectively eliminates stress and fatigue. The Finnish sauna with a view over the Masurian landscapes is a perfect place to regenerate and relax. Regenerating in such surroundings, you can observe deer or roe deer walking right at the entrance to the sauna.

Comfortable rooms

The old atmosphere of the station is perfectly reflected in the bedrooms, one of which has a mezzanine with an additional double bed. On the other hand, the living room, located in the newest part of the building, is furnished modernly, but in such a way as to blend in with the rest of the interior.

An atmospheric terrace

The reconstructed platform shed is a perfect place for a morning coffee or an evening with loved ones. Picturesque views stretching from this place soothe our senses and make the time spent on the station terrace also a meeting with nature.

Relaxing banya

Any time of day or night, bathing in a Russian banya will bring us a lot of good feelings. During the day, the banya is a great vantage point for the surrounding landscapes, which delight at any time of the year, and at night we have a chance to relax under the starry dome of the sky.

Wypoczynek na Mazurach

Emperor Wilhelm's Station

location of the station

Gumniska Małe 2, 14-330 Małdyty

GPS: 53.925890 19.675980

 251 km

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wypoczynek na mazurach